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One thing I’ve learned in business is to remain being a humble servant leader.

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A respected author, Cedric details his personal and financial struggles following the country’s major economic downfall after 9/11 in his book, The Multi-Level Millionaire – The Cedric Penn Story.

The book is also considered a “must-have” for people longing to achieve the same “millionaire” status that Cedric has earned through the principles of “Faith, Family, and Prosperity.”

Cedric Penn has overcome personal adversities, economic hardships, and a tragic motorcycle accident to become a highly successful entrepreneur who is sought worldwide for his team-building, character-building, and business-building expertise.

A shining example of “success through hard work,” Cedric has always fought for the life that he wanted to live and to help others in their fight as well.

“We are rolling” isn’t just his catchphrase, it’s a powerful description of moving forward, seeking success, recognizing life achievements, and inspiring others to reach their full potential and truly enjoy happy and fulfilling lives filled with joy, faith, and

In this book, he talks about the top 10 mistakes he sees his clients make every day.

The Millionaire’s Guide will save you time, money, and energy on your journey. Avoid the mistakes outlined in this book and you will be a step ahead of the others.

  • Help you develop the Millionaire Mindset
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  • How to use Technology to build culture
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